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What you do not do can often be more important than that you do.

“Why do you always leave the towel here?” I heard myself complaining to one of my wife messes. “Please always hang it here in the bathroom.” I doubled down as I picked up the moist towel from the bed and walk over to hang it on the hanger inside the bathroom.

Busting the myth of Rust’s learning curve.

I know the title is going against what most of you heard about Rust. Rust, despite being known as the most loved programming language, is also known for its steep learning curve for new developers (Many, including myself, had been curious as to why a cryptic language like Rust can at the same time be most loved by its users). Talking about boosting productivity with Rust, let alone a strongly-typed language, seems like a stretch. But hear me out…

Nerd out to the cool crowd without looking like one.

A one-arm T-Rex could have counted in binary.

We all know computers dream in binary numbers, or basically 0’s and 1’s. How many can actually remember how to read and write them out anyway? Here is a nifty trick to do that quickly, and shall I say, impress the cool crowd in the next party without boring them.

Stop trying to stick your beautiful round children in a square hole called formal education.

Steve Jobs in his early years at Apple.

Case #1: The Missing Siblings

The neighbor’s kids who used to play with my child had disappeared. It had been at least a month without seeing the siblings. Out of the blue, they reappeared one day, with the sister looking much leaner. I couldn’t help but ask where they’ve been.

How this little “teaching” Lisp packs so much power to write an app in record time.

A sample created by the nine-patch block pattern generator at


Last week I launched a simple nine-block quilt pattern generator built in Svelte for UI, Python FastAPI for API server, and Racket for the graphic back end after 3 days learning the latter.

Back story

I’m a former software engineer who is now co-owning a family business selling fabrics online to customers nation-wide. I was laid off from a tech startup in the beginning of 2020. Tired of the startup world, I joined my partner’s e-commerce fabric shop full-time, helping out with everything from preparing, ironing, packing, and shipping fabrics to customers nation-wide. …

No Docker needed. Just a simplest setup you can get to launching and getting your dopamine hit.

I have come to grown very wary of all the extra layers of technologies (I’m looking at you, Docker) that had compounded onto launching a piece of software on the web. Many will frown upon you if you don’t containerize your app in 2021, but the truth is for most use cases, containers are just a waste of time and headspace compared to just doing it the old-school way.

without a screen, snacks, and school.

Ava, my 4-year-old toying with one of the LED strings we prepared to light up her Halloween costume.

As the schools closed and kids stuck at home permanently, many parents struggled to adjust to the new reality and manage their new life with their children around all the time. Their productivity level plunged and stress level soared. The personal pain of not being able to accomplish and the guilt of not being able to tend to their own children is sometime unbearable beyond any non-parent person can understand.

US education has failed to build character in its people and only brew them to follow the rules, which they can decide when to break.

You look around, surprised, at what’s been happening in the US in the past week. You can’t believe something as savage — something you only see in the world’s news — can actually go down in metropolitan America. Well, my friend, let me tell you about two very important opposite pillars that had brought us to this. These pillars are foundational and complementary to the framework of the modern, depressed and consumerist America, and they are education and law.


We have all heard about how American education need fixing, but mostly from the economical and financial perspective. What most have…

The coronavirus is signaling humanity to slow down and contemplate.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

The satellite images from NASA had shown that the pollution in China has gone down since the coronavirus outbreak.

I learned from a Costco supply run why we aren’t seeing the graph flattens.

A few days ago, after exhausting our food stocking, I had to go out to Costco nearby for a supply run. Needless to say, I was anxious, and with good reasons…


Geek dad. Conservative in ethics. Liberal in rights. Ex-engineer.

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