Taming the internal evil of perfectionism and being present

I was born with a cursed trait of perfectionism. I tend to cling onto permanence and fixate on idealism. Everything I touch or see must be orderly, expected, and rid of entropy. I would easily get rattled by uncertainty and chaos, no matter how small they are. …

Get your writing out of the Draft Limbo

No, I’m not going to write about correct grammars or techniques like picking splash images or breaking up your long trains of text into headlined sections. I’m talking about choosing to write about something and Actually Nailing It™ as fast as you can.

Most of the more successful articles I…

If Javascript, an old language with so many flaws, could evolve like it did, Python could learn from it and step out of its ivory tower.

This isn’t a targeted attack on Python. It is a constructive opinion from a programmer who had started his career and spent years working with it. So brace yourself — Python is evolving slowly and could use the level of improvement Javascript has had.

Javascript has come a long way…

Learning Rust from first-principle, in a meme-ful play pen.

“Rust is too hard to learn,” You whined.
“Maybe because you’re a toddler?”

🧸 Ownership

💡 Ownership IS the only big concept in Rust. It is not unique, and C++ has it too. Understand this well.

Repeat after me, “Thou shall be the only one owning a toy.”

That’s it. Alice has…

What make integer types like they are and why do we have so many of them?

For most developers, wielding integers can seem like magic. It takes a 100,000-ft or above perspective to be a productive coder today. But have you ever wondered about the different types of integers? Why can’t you just write code with the maximum range integers like 64-bit integer type? Every now…

Nerd out to the cool crowd without looking like one.

A one-arm T-Rex could have counted in binary.

We all know computers dream in binary numbers, or basically 0’s and 1’s. How many can actually remember how to read and write them out anyway? Here is a nifty trick to do that quickly, and shall I say, impress the cool crowd in the next party without boring them.


Technologist, educator, and privacy advocate. Crypto enthusiast.

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